Shannon Cowie | Graphic Designer

Professional headshot of Shannon Cowie, Senior Graphic Designer. Shannon is wearing a silver chain necklace, black-framed glasses and a black sweater.
Hello + welcome. 
My name is Shannon and I'm a passionate and driven Senior Graphic Designer from Pennsylvania. 
fueled by the relentless pursuit of visual storytelling.
From minimalist elegance to bold and vibrant expressions, my work is a testament to my unwavering commitment to innovation and aesthetic excellence. My expertise focuses on both print and digital communications with materials ranging from corporate and personal branding, product marketing and advertisement, direct mail communications, unique and thoughtful package design, captivating out-of-house displays, social media campaigns, email marketing communications, multi-faceted campaign marketing and events among many other visually creative capabilities. To tell a good story, you need to know your audience. To build an audience, you need authenticity. In order to be authentic, you need to lead with your heart and execute with mindfulness.
If it's for everyone, make it so.
Throughout my professional career, I've been fascinated with the inner workings and importance of accessibility. I've learned how to make designed materials reach audiences in effective and impactful ways using systems and processes that adhere to Section 508 compliance and WCAG Level AA compliance. From single-page designed PDFs to 180-page handbooks, audiences with additional needs are able to access critical information with ease, with the use of digital screen readers. In an effort to promote diversity, equity and inclusion the creation of compliant and accessible materials is a skill that is becoming not only relevant but increasingly integral to reaching broader audiences and providing fundamental services to individuals and communities. If you want to reach everyone – make it reachable for everyone.
Print is not dead.
Although this is my true belief, we are living in a digital world. As a seasoned graphic designer, I bring a wealth of experience in crafting digital designs tailored for the modern landscape. From trendy social media posts to dynamic web banners and impactful digital advertisements, I strive to enhance brand visibility and engagement across digital platforms. With a thoughtful approach to wireframing, I ensure that each design element contributes to a seamless and intuitive user experience. Print is certainly alive and well in my book. Creating an elevated digital presence with compelling visuals that leave lasting impressions is equally vital.
Hard work pays off.
I come from a family of steel workers, machine operators, farmers and Marines. They're also remarkable writers, singers, artists and musicians. I graduated with honors from Kutztown University, earning a BFA in Communication Design. During enrollment, I participated in an internship program at Red Tettemer, O'Connell + Partners in Philadelphia. From there, I spent a number of years working for Boyd Tamney Cross (BTC) Marketing, focusing in marketing and advertisement in the fields of hospitality, travel, luxury housing and full-service retirement communities. Since 2020, I've been employed with Vault Communications, designing largely for healthcare services and household names such as Health Partners Plans, Jefferson Health Plans, Temple Health, Pep Boys, Party City, PECO, Comcast and many, many more.
People should come first. It's my goal to be able to use my skills to serve the steel workers, machine operators, farmers, Marines, doctors, patients, writers, singers, artists, musicians and everyone in between. If I can have a positive impact on others and create with intention and compassion – then I've done my job right.​​​​​​​
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